Obedience should be fun but also challenging for your dog, as they love challenges and learning. Our Wilmington dog training provides the right combination of mental stimulation, physical exercise and Perception Modification to help your pup achieve and maintain a peaceful, stress free life! Just as important – obedience should NOT change your dog’s personality – if anything, it should help show it off. Obedience and proper frame of mind are the most important ingredients for your dog to live a happy life.

It provides a “language” for you and your dog to communicate through with words like Heel, Sit, Come, Down and Place, and eventually unspoken communication. All of our obedience dog training programs in Wilmington are designed to achieve full off leash reliability, so we have to make sure he understands these behaviors are “mandatory” and not “optional”. Once he understands this, his freedom level will sky rocket. The KEY with any obedience program is that your dog will follow directions (using commands above) around big distractions like strangers and other dogs, or else they will be of little use to you. If you can trust your dog to “Come” every time you say come – then he will get to go more places, be off leash more, and run and play like dogs are designed to do! Dogs were not created to be confined 24/7. They love freedom and being able to explore, and the only way your dog will be allowed this freedom is if they are reliable off leash. Obedience is great for abused or nervous dogs too – the confidence that it will provide them will be PRICELESS. All Obedience is meant to help your pup make the right decisions in all situations, work through the stressors of life, and practice until the desired behaviors become second nature.

We can teach our obedience programs at your place or ours.


We can come to your house for each lesson. We do like to have a couple lessons toward the end in a really distracting place – like a park or shopping center to proof the commands. All of our programs come with unlimited follow ups if needed until goals are reached, as well as group classes held for clients only.


This program is not like “boot camp” but more like “summer camp”: you get the same results as boot camp, only they get to have fun in the process. Your dog will come stay with us for 14 days (or longer, see Programs Page) and learn the language of obedience. Then we will bring him home and teach you how to speak this “language” with him. Don’t worry about not going through the “bonding” experience of the teaching process – you will get plenty of bonding experiences when you get to practice this new language in all the new places you will go together and during all the challenges life throws at you and your pup.

You get unlimited follow up lessons until you achieve the same level of control we will gain. Obviously, your dog’s issues will determine a lot of how we do the 14 days, but majority of the dogs during the 14 day training program will get to do the following: learn all the obedience commands (off leash reliable), get to experiment on the agility equipment, go out to parks, shopping centers, and get a TON of playtime with other dogs, as well as learn to manage their own emotions in all situations.


Group lessons are included in all our obedience programs. We like to start with individual lessons, and once your dog has mastered those distractions, you can start coming to group class or what we like to call “distraction city”. You can come to as many group lessons as you like for the life of your dog! They are designed to give you a very distracting place to practice and also provide some continuing education. We hold our group classes every Saturday at different spots all over town. Check the calendar out to see when and where.