Dog Wizard saved my dogs life!

Let me start off by saying that I do not have words to describe how beyond AMAZING the dog wizard is. The dog wizard saved my baby’s life!!! I have a three year old pitbull, Kahlua. She is a rescue from an extremely abusive home where she lived for four months prior to my adopting her. Kahlua started off timid with strangers, unfortunately by the time she hit a and a half old, she was EXTREMELY reactive to anyone who was not her family. Her reactivity turned into out of control outbursts. So bad that taking her on a walk was extremely stressful, could only be done in secluded areas, and was very minimal. Meeting dogs was 100% out of the question. Eventually so was meeting people. I am so so SO pleased to say that with the dog wizard’s expertise and hard work for two weeks, Kahlua is doing AMAZING. After Cranston dropped her off at our home, Kahlua came out to dinner at a RESTAURANT PATIO with my family and I. We had never done this with her, and she handled it flawlessly. She has met two of my friends, she kisses my roommate who she had never met before. She goes on walks in a neighborhood crowded with dogs and children in a heel. She is the perfect, smart girl that I knew before her anxiety got out of control. The dog wizard gave us the tools and the knowledge to communicate effectively with Kahlua and to manage her anxiety and help her make great choices. I can’t ever thank you guys enough!!!!! If you are thinking about the dog wizard for you dog, DO IT!!!! I would make this choice again and a again a million times over. Kahlua’s life is changed, and so is mine, for the better. We have a long, happy, active future ahead of us when just a month ago the only answer I received from several trainers was that Kahlua needed to be put down and that she was untrainable. I have no words. My angel’s life is saved and I could not be more pleased and grateful!!!!!!

Pauly Salazar