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Thinking about making a furry family member the next new addition but dreading the stress it will put on your family going through the puppy stages? Are you not sure if it is the right decision to add a puppy to your home? Questioning if you get a puppy how do you know it is the right one for your family? Or, have you owned a dog previously that required a lot of management and want to ensure you have a happy, healthy and sociable puppy this time?  You are not alone!!! You are not the only person, couple or family considering all these questions. We are here to help!

It can be stressful, messy and sometimes painful when going through those puppy growing stages! It is so important that we do right by our puppies in the most influential period of their lives.  Did you know that most adult dogs that experience significant problems have had some kind of bad experience early on in life? Experiences from the time they are born until 16 weeks will last a lifetime and it is important that we get it right! Prevention and ensuring positive upbringing is key and we are here to do just that!

Wilmington Dog Wizard is now providing trained and socialized puppies for families and individuals


A Premier Puppy is handpicked for your family, trained, well socialized, well adjusted, well mannered, confident, happy, and obedient pup that everyone will love to be around! A Premier Puppy will make an incredible addition to any home.

We have partnered with the best breeders around to make sure you are getting the highest quality dog possible(other breeds will be considered at request as long as we feel they are suitable for you and your family)! All puppies come from the AKC registered bloodlines, and all parents fully OFA health certified for hips, eyes, elbows, and more. Health and temperament is the utmost importance to us when making the investment in your next companion. Genetics play a critical role into the temperament of your future puppy. We make sure all parents meet our expectations of acceptable temperament and have no history of any issues.

Premier Puppy Programs


Your puppy will be given a massive head start on socialization and life skills right from the beginning at 7 weeks of age! Did you know everything you do with your puppy before 16 weeks sticks with them for the rest of their life? We want to make sure we expose them to all the crazy things in life and show them our world is not so scary. They will also learn important life skills that will need to stick with them forever. This includes crate training, housebreaking, confidence building, problem solving, stress coping and on leash and off leash obedience. It is important we lay a very strong foundation for your puppy while they are young so it will last! Premier Puppies will learn all basic commands on and off leash, as well as some basic fun tricks!

Here is a list of commands you can expect your puppy to know at graduation:

Obedience Commands
  • Name Recognition- Learning their name.

  • Heel (Moving)- Walking on your left side with a loose leash with their head near your leg.

  • Heel (Standing Still)- Moves to your left side in sitting position.

  • Come- Come when your called, all the way to you and finish in a sit.

  • Sit- Putting their hind end on the ground. The stay is implied until given a release word or a different command.

  • Down- Lay down on with elbows touching the ground. The stay is implied until given a release word or a different command.

  • Place- Go to a spot of different height or texture and stay there until released or given a different command (example, dog bed).

  • Off- Stop doing the behavior they are doing.

  • Out- Releasing a toy or bone.

  • Crate- Go into their crate.

  • Load up- Get into the car.

  • Lets Go- Follow me, we are moving somewhere.

  • Yes- Marks a behavior that you liked that you will reward for.

  • Good- Marks a behavior you like that they should continue to do.

  • Nope- Marks a behavior you didn’t want and they should try again.

  • Break- They are all done doing what you asked (release word).

All Puppies Will Come Home With A Treat Pouch, Slip Lead, Food

Two follow up lesson after your puppy goes home if needed
Owners will have access to our free support class held ever Saturday for the rest of your puppy's life.


  • Cost Of The Puppy Is NOT Included In This Price

  • Veterinary Bills Are Not Included In This Price And Are The Responsibility Of The Owner

  • If not within 50 miles, all travel expenses are the responsibility of the owner


This program is the exact same as Novice Level with the added benefit of an off leash reliable dog once your puppy is of age.

Your puppy will learn everything as stated in Novice Level and come home to you at 18 weeks.  Your puppy will then return to us at 8 months old for 2 more weeks to finish out their Advanced Off Leash training.

This is what we call “sealing the deal” where all the obedience will be proofed around distractions in all environments using the remote collar. The remote collar we use is E-collar Technologies and is the same sensation as a TENS Unit. Having your dog remote collar trained will ensure your dog will listen no matter the distraction and build a trust and bond with your dog like you have never had before! Think about it like having a cell phone to your dog!

After the two weeks is complete we will do another Go-Home lesson to teach you and the family everything they need to know about your dogs new advanced training!


Two follow ups after your puppy goes home at 18 weeks and then two more follow ups after 8 months if needed.

Owners will have access to our free support class held ever Saturday for the rest of your puppy's life.

  • Cost Of The Puppy Is NOT Included In This Price.
  • E-Collar Technologies Remote Collar will be provided for all Advanced Level Puppies.
  • Veterinary Bills Are Not Included In This Price And Are The Responsibility Of The Owner.
  • If not within 50 miles, travel expenses are the responsibility of the owner.

Common Questions


Methods of payment: Credit Card (Paypal with service fee), Check, or Cash (5% off of training price for when paying in cash)

Option 1: Cost of the puppy is due when you choose your puppy. Half of the total training price is then due when the puppy is 8 weeks. The second half will be due when you take your puppy home at 18 weeks. 

Option 2: Payment plan 

Puppy price due when you choose your puppy.

1st Payment- 8 weeks old

2nd Payment-12 weeks old

3rd Payment- 16 weeks old

4th Payment-18 weeks old


Your pup stay up to date on all vaccinations and check ups, along with monthly heartworm prevention and flea/tick prevention from the vet of your choosing. Please note: All Vet bills are the responsibility of the owner.

*In the case of an emergency the owner is not responsible*


Your puppy will live with one of our trainers in their home as a member of their pack. They will join them at work every day. We encourage you be apart of your puppy’s learning during this process. We will schedule an appointment every 3 weeks so you can visit your puppy and we can start teaching you, the owners, what you will need to know to keep your puppy successful.

Commitment To Your Premier Puppy

Training is a lifelong commitment to your dog. The success of your puppy depends on the commitment of your follow through after graduation. We will make sure you and your family are very comfortable and understand everything to help your puppy be successful. We will give you all the tools necessary to make things clear and simple to make sure everything sticks long term.  We will ensure you one amazing dog but to reiterate, it is CRUCIAL that you are committed to continuing everything your puppy has learned!



Female Golden Retriever

Puppy cost: $2000

Sire: Cody x Dam: Annie

Birth date: October 30th 2018 Bred By: Summer Oaks Goldens

Have you ever seen a puppy so beautiful! Opal absolutely loves life! she loves everything she meets. She is smart as a whip and picks up new things very quickly! Her confidence is through the roof.She is Medium-High energy so she would do best with someone who is willing to be a little more active or want to play around in dog sports!

Coming Up Next Pups

March- Golden Retriever Male Bred by: Copperfields Goldens  Sire: Cody x Dam: Nilla

April-  1 Male and 1 Female Golden Retriever Bred by: Copperfields Goldens  Sire: Gentry x Dam: Sage

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Premier Puppy Graduates!


Congratulations Langston family!

Sire: Turner x Dam: Spectrum

Birth date: September 23rd 2018 Bred By:  Copperfield's Goldens


Congratulations Baughman family!

Sire: Gentry x Dam: Pasadena

Birthdate: October 18th Bred By: Copperfield's Goldens