Confidence Building Class

Building our dogs confidence

We welcome you to come play with us!

Your dogs confidence is a crucial part in their development and helping them navigate life. Most issues we see from dogs are created because of a lack confidence. There is nothing more that can hold your dog back from having the best life possible then fear. We have designed this class to give some confidence back to your dog.

This class will be unlike any other class you have taken with your dog. There will be zero obedience taught. This class will be more like a party. If you do not want to have a great time then this is not the class for you. Be prepared to be up and moving, being your dogs best cheerleader!


-Each class will have a designated theme/object.

-We will play games, do drills, and whatever other fun we can come up with with that theme.

-What you will need:

  • A 6 foot leash 
  • Secure, snug, flat buckle collar. (Please no collars with plastic clasps)
  • Treat pouch
  • Various High Value Treats
  • Comfortable shoes and clothes (you will be moving quite a bit)


-Anyone can enroll (Only if your willing to have a good time)

-Feel free to enroll as many times as you would like. We actually encourage this. The more you do the better your dog will become. This class will always be evolving and changing so the activities will change and create new challenges to you and your dog.

-Only two people per dog team!

-Due to the format of this class, Dogs with any aggression history must be on muzzle at the discretion of the trainer. NO EXCEPTIONS


-Tuesdays at 6pm

Other Classes Coming Soon:

Tricks Class: Teach your dog new fun tricks of all kinds, work your way towards AKC Trick Dog Titles. Visit our calendar for our next scheduled class.

ACK Canine Good Citizen Certification: We are certified evaluators for AKC CGC, CGC-A and CGC-U. We hold testing times every few months. Please visit our calendar. We currently offer CGC testing at request.

Class Themes:

-Plastic Bags

-Vacuums and Brooms

-Air & Blowers

-Medical Equipment



-Dunnage Bags (Inflatables)

-Parachute & Umbrellas


Please click the button below to fill out forms to enroll. Once your forms are submitted, our office will send a confirmation email.

Still have questions? Please email us and we will be happy to answer them.



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