Can a premier puppy be breeds other then a Golden Retriever?

Yes they can, on a case to case basis! The breeder or rescue must meet our requirements and be willing to work with us. Please see below.

If I want to get a puppy and send it through the Premier Puppy Program, how do I start this process?

Step 1: Contact us as soon as you think you may want to do this program. We only take a few puppies a year and will need to make sure we plan for the timing of your future puppy. Please do not wait till the last minute as we may not have room for your puppy. 

Step 2: Choose the appropriate breed for you. We want to make sure we select the breed that best fits your lifestyle, wants, and needs.

Step 3: Find the right breeder. This step is VERY important. The breeder must meet all of our criteria and also be willing to work with your trainer to help select the most suitable litter and puppy that will closely meet our requirements.

Step 4: Reserve your dates for the program. Once the litter has been selected and we have a time frame when the puppy will be ready we will then go ahead and reserve your training start date. At this time we will require a $500 non refundable deposit to hold your program start date.

Can a rescue be a Premier Puppy?

Definitely! However our selection process is a bit different and need to make sure the puppy has the appropriate temperament for the program. We also need to be extremely involved in the selection of the puppy to make sure is passes our temperament testing and other evaluation protocol.  The puppy must be under 10 weeks old to start the program.


Your pup stay up to date on all vaccinations and check ups, along with monthly heartworm prevention and flea/tick prevention from our personal vet or the vet of your choosing.

Please note: All Vet bills including, but are not limited to, physicals, boosters, and common puppy treatments are the responsibility of the owner.


Your puppy will live with one of our trainers in their home as a member of their pack. They will join them at work every day. We encourage you be apart of your puppy’s learning during this process. We will schedule an appointment every 3 weeks so you can visit your puppy and we can start teaching you, the owners, what you will need to know to keep your puppy successful. If you are local, you may attend our puppy preschool every week with your puppy for extra bonding time and learning.

When do I pay?

 Methods of payment: Credit Card (3% fee), Check, or Cash (5% off of training price for when paying in cash)

Cost of the puppy is due when you reserve your puppy if the puppy has already been paid for. Then, half of the total training price is then due when your puppy starts training at 8 weeks old. The second half will be due when you take your puppy home at 18 weeks.

*Payment plans are available at request*