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Ditch The Pet Store Training Classes

Get Real Dog Training Results With Our Personalized Dog Training Programs

Dog Training Is More Than Training Your Dog

Develop & Grow Your Bond With Your Dog

Our personalized dog training programs allow you and your dog to grow together and stop unwanted problem behaviors. We have a variety of training programs that will meet your needs from seperation anxiety to stopping constant barnking and digging, or jumping up on company. 

Whatever your needs may be we have the perfect fit program for you and your dog. 


The dog trainers at Wilmington Dog Wizard have the expertise that you've been looking for! 


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Our Most Popular Dog Training Programs

The Freedom program teaches your dog basic on-leash obedience. As well as a recall, the place command, sit and down. We take time to teach you basic handling skills as well!

This program is designed to teach your dog basic and advanced obedience both on and off leash! This is program also covers everything in our Freedom program.

This dog training program is a 2-week board and train program. We take care of your pup and train them to become well mannered and behaved.

Our separation anxiety program is designed for dogs need their negative or fearful associations with certain situations. We replace these associations with more balanced & positive situations!

Our aggression rehab training program for dogs is designed to correct aggression issues and leash reactivity. Your dog will be taught how to control their aggression.