Ace on drop off day. Completed his Aggression Rehab Program a changed pup June 2016

This program is specifically designed for dogs with aggression or leash reactivity. In either case, we must pinpoint the exact triggers for these behaviors in order to correct them, which takes a significantly greater amount of time and work per day.

Your dog learns the same commands as in our other programs, but we teach him to use these commands to control his aggression or reactivity. We’ll work in the same high-distraction places (parks, coffee shops, etc.) and will also focus on socialization sessions to teach your dog to interact better with dogs and/or people. We will lay the groundwork for better results by teaching your dog how to use impulse control, how to make better choices, and by helping them form better associations with the things that have been triggers for their reactivity in the past. Once your dog has completed this program, continued maintenance and adherence to our instructions will be necessary.

This is a three week program and requires additional follow up work by the owner. Upon completion of the program, you will gain unlimited access to our trainers and to our Group Classes for the life of your dog at no additional cost.