Wilmington Dog Training Programs to choose from :

Freedom Program

  • Lessons will be done at your home once a week, or at the Wilmington Dog Wizard property
  • High distraction locations will be visited as well
  • Reach full off leash reliability with your dog
  • Teach obedience commands: Heel, Come, Sit, Down, and Place
  • Give you some Perception Modification tools to use
  • Tests big distractions to make sure reliable
  • Usually 4-6 weeks with additional lessons available, at no cost if needed
  • Included unlimited group lessons ( clients only) for the life of your dog

Freedom Plus Program

You get everything in the Freedom Program Plus:

Emergency stop, motion commands, additional Perception Modification tools and more!

Home-Front Program

  • Your dog will stay with us for 14 days
  • we will treat them like one of our own proofing all commands in and outside of a real life home setting, resulting in real life results!
  • Reach full off leash reliability
  • Teach obedience commands: Heel, Come, Sit, Down, and Place, as well as extensive Perception Modification tools and techniques.
  • Will learn and proof commands in low distractions first
  • Will practice and proof commands at parks
  • Will practice and proof commands at shopping centers
  • Will get to experiment on agility equipment
  • Will get to socialize and play with other dogs
  • Tons of photos of your dog will be posted demonstrating progress via Facebook
  • Includes unlimited follow up lessons for the life of your dog
  • Includes unlimited group lessons for the life of your dog
  • Will get to socialize with many dogs and run and learn the benefits of freedom on our 3 ½ acre property

Social Rehabilitation

This is part of the Home Front Program and is designed for under socialized and nervous, fearful pups. We will work with them through the Home Front and also concentrate on developing better social and coping skills. May be additional fee.

Aggressive Dog Rehabilitation and Separation Anxiety

This is a 2-4 week intensive Home-front Program, we will take them through the Home-front with concentration on the Aggression issues and/or Separation anxiety issues. Our goal is to change these behaviors by changing their perception of the triggers, advocating for them and helping them learn to make better choices on their own. This is much different than just suppressing the behaviors. Remember the behaviors are only the symptoms of the deeper rooted issues.

Specialty Classes

Each specialty class runs for a different amount of time, and some require prior training

Please call or email if you have any questions

Check the calendar out for schedule

All require you to sign up in advance

For more information about our Wilmington Dog Training Programs please contact us today.