Shelby changed our lives forever. I have an almost two year old Schnauzer/Terrier mix named Lacy who Shelby turned into the most amazing version of herself possible last summer. Lacy had problems with walking on a leash, following commands, jumping on people, and bolting out of the house at any opportunity that presented itself. With Shelby's help Lacy has fine tuned most of these problems (she still jumps when she gets too excited so that's a work in progress) making our lives much more enjoyable. I no longer have to worry that she is going to take off out of an open door and the place command is such a life saver! I also love the fact that we can board her with Shelby or Lauren allowing them to work with her and get in some fine tuning. While we will always have work to do, Shelby has changed our lives and made them much more enjoyable.

- Ally B.

My dog spent 2 weeks with Shelby doing the Homefront program and she has come home a different dog! The work that Shelby did with Bacardi is amazing. I am working with her daily on her commands but she picked up on everything so quickly. She is able to be off leash and walk on a leash wonderfully. It was worth every penny and I am so happy with the customer service that we got with Shelby, her staff and WDW. Thank you!!!

- Jill L.

We rescued Sadie from a rotten situation and she had extreme separation anxiety. We could never crate her and our lives revolved around making sure we didn’t make it worse by leaving her alone. She’s a smart dog and knows some commands, but her leash manners were nonexistent. Our friends recommended the WDW for training, so we met with Cranston for the initial evaluation. We agreed on an intensive, three-week board and train. When we went to drop her off, Shelby met us and we went over again some of her issues, especially with the crate. Over the course of the three weeks, we got to watch Sadie learn and grow through the pictures and videos they posted. She was relaxing in the crate by the first night! When we picked her up, we went over the training she learned and Shelby gave us the tools to continue her (and our) education. We’ve had her back for about three weeks. This dog!! She not only is a rockstar in the crate and on her leash - she’s also getting SO GOOD at off-leash!! She’s finally able to just relax and be a dog rather than worrying about what everyone else is doing. I feel so confident having her around other dogs and people, knowing that she will respond correctly to whatever command we throw at her. I really am amazed every time she makes a good decision, like going into her crate when she feels overwhelmed, or looking to us for direction when we’re out of the house and she is confused about a distraction. Sadie was already a happy dog, but now she’s a happy dog with confidence! She trusts us to give her the proper direction and she trusts herself to follow through. I never dreamed she would be able to be so well-adjusted after only three weeks! Cranston, Shelby, Lauren, and Dewayne are incredible. They not only teach your dog, they teach you - which is just as important! They worked so hard to bring out the dog in our dog and I don’t think a review will ever truly explain how happy I am that we decided to look them up. If you are hesitating at ALL on whether to call them - stop hesitating and make the call. Your dog will thank you and you will thank yourself! To the Wilmington Dog Wizard team, thank you guys so much, from the bottom of our hearts!

- Casey O.

We have an 8 month old black lab who has LOTS of energy. It was extremely difficult to walk her and we struggled to communicate with her with basic commands. She participated in the 14 day Board and Train Program with Shelby. I am thrilled with the changes I see in our dog! Shelby did an amazing job teaching her so much! This training has been life changing for our family and I HIGHLY recommend the WDW!

-Maggie G.

I am so happy with the WDW! We completed the Off Leash Freedom Program with Lauren and I could not be more please with the outcome. My pup went from pulling/jumping at every stick or person on his walks and would turn aggressive towards me if I did not allow him get the stick or say hi to the person to now walking off leash right next to me obeying every command. I am so thankful to have met Lauren. She was very approachable when I had questions or needed to address new problems that arose throughout our training.

- Colleen L. 

Wilmington Dog Wizard is by far the best! I got my pup at 5 months from the shelter and trained her myself for almost 3 years. She is super smart and was an all around awesome dog! But (as all my friends and family know) I have very high expectations for my dog and wanted her to be even more successful and be an even better dog. You can never have too many tricks and training for your dog. Lauren has helped me and my girl, Presley, develop an even stronger bond through training and given us tools that are for a lifetime. Training takes dedication and taking your trainers advice even if it seems crazy or too hard. Lauren made it so easy and took the time and extra steps to help me and my girl be a great team. We attend socials and pack walks and even go downtown for some fun training. I don't trust many people with my dog but I trust all the trainers at the WDW 100% with my baby girl. I recommend The Wilmington Dog Wizard to everyone! Lauren, we love you!

- Lindsey P.

I cannot say enough about The Wilmington Dog Wizard!! They are simply phenomenal. I have a large, 65 pound boxer mix who is incredibly sweet. However, on leash, around other dogs he became increasingly reactive and uncontrollable. He got out and had an altercation with my neighbors lab and I knew something had to be done. Without hesitation, we sent him to the Home Away program offered with Shelby. GUYS! 2 weeks and he is a completely different dog. Shelby took time to help us learn commands, his behaviors and took us around Wilmington to work on his off leash respect and recall. She brought many different types of dogs with her too so we could work on his reactivity. He successfully sat outside of the fenced dog park @ Hugh McCrae without a peep!!!!!!  I can now walk him around my neighborhood and down the beach off leash with control and more importantly without anxiety. MOST importantly, Ficklen is so much happier! 

Fast forward one year later, we adopted a 2 year old rescue who had severe dog anxiety but melted around people. We decided to do the 8 week program with Shelby & yes... we work with him still— his anxiety- it is a complete transformation from where we started!! 

Since then, I think at least 5 of my friends or family members have consulted or gone through their program! Including my moms 2 dogs and our neighbors brand new GoldenDoodle. 

Lauren and Shelby are ONE OF A KIND!! It is worth every cent - I promise you will not be disappointed. Just remember, you have to put in the work, too!

- Kate L.

I sent my 1.5 year old German Shepherd to WDW Home Front program. He spent two weeks with them and came back a brand new dog. I used to have no control over him, and he had no manners at all. Since training we have been on all kinds of new adventures on and off leash which I have never wanted to do before because It was embarrassing for me to have him drag me everywhere, and just act like a complete fool. He follows all of his basic commands on/off leash, in public, and at home. All of the dog trainers at WDW have been very helpful throughout the training process not only training him but me as well! My dog is very excited when seeing them which tells me they took the best care of him, he had fun, and was in the best hands! I would not recommend anyone else!!!

- Kelsie J.

Shelby and Lauren are the bomb dot com. We brought our Breeze in, 1-year-old Labradoodle, last summer. She was protective over myself and our other furbaby, mouthy, hated a leash, and had a mind of her own. Our main concern was that she might not still have her sweet, precious self. After two weeks with Shelby, Miss Breeze is still just the sweetest and has the best manners ever. I say every day that it was the best money I've ever spent. Shelby laid the ground work and Lauren gives her the best tune ups. I literally recommend these furbaby whisperers to everyone. And I always commend y'all every time someone says, "She's so well behaved." You all positively changed our lives and I'm forever grateful.

- Eleni V.

Wilmington Dog Wizard is absolutely the best dog training in Wilmington. They have a variety of programs to fit each dog & owners needs and budget. I had heard of the Dog Wizard front a friend who had an issue of aggression with her dog. When I saw the change after only 3week I immediately called for Coco to have an evaluation. Coco was a 6 month Boston puppy with no issues but we wanted a well behaved dog. So we enrolled in the off leash freedom promgram... and we could not be more pleased. Coco is a happy dog and so are we... it is without reservation that I highly recommend The Dog Wizard of Wilmington to anyone! It's well worth the investment.

- Cathy A.

I cannot recommend Puppy Preschool highly enough. It makes raising a puppy a much easier task and you learn so much along the way. We had all of our dogs basic commands learned just from preschool. It was never something I dreaded going to. I wouldn’t own a puppy without going through Puppy Preschool. You get all of the socializing (people and objects/situations) and commands. The value of the program far exceeds the price.

We also did further training with WDW and it has been invaluable for us to have a well balanced and laid back dog. We had to evacuate for the hurricane recently and we were able to take her and none of it stressed her out. None of it phased her. She had been exposed to so much in Puppy Preschool that she had the confidence to take on new tasks without anxiety. She was in an unfamiliar area with new people. She was crated more than normal due to the circumstances and she was absolutely perfect through it all. 

 You WON’T regret any help from WDW! It is truly priceless.

- AmberV.

Brought my mini pin to the puppy preschool program and I'm so glad that I did. Even though he was already four months when he first got there he's matured a lot in his short time in the program. I brought him to work on his separation anxiety and Lauren and Shelby helped him with so much more than that. His confidence has skyrocketed! I'd recommend the puppy preschool program for anyone that's a first time puppy owner. Honestly, even experienced owners could gain from the program.

- Kenyatta B. 

Honestly, the best money I have ever spent. I signed up for the puppy preschool with my dog at about 3 months. They offer class twice a week until roughly 6 months old. That's 24 times I got to take my puppy to class instead of the over priced petsmart/Petco for only 6 classes. They really care about the pup's advancement and try as hard as they can to tailor whatever the activity is that day to each dog. My girl is leaps better than she was going into the class and is building a really solid foundation for her life. Also, once you do one class you can participate in a pack walk they do once a week which is an amazing opportunity to put the skills you're learning to the test. The women who run WDW are really amazing people who want what's best for all the dogs

- Jessica W.

I recently finished the Puppy Preschool program with my labrador puppy Rocky. I learned SO much about owning a dog and teaching good habits. The other day someone commented to me how well behaved Rocky was during our walk and it is the result of great training advice from Lauren and Shelby. Rocky has learned so many good habits thanks to WDW! This was the best program to get involved in and I'm so thankful for this experience!!

- Dahria K.

I got a gsd 7 week old puppy.....anyone who has ever owned one will feel my pain. Shelby and Lauren gave me tips that I couldn't have got through without, he didn't respond to the usual ways really, my little man was very special ha ha. He is now a wonderful 6 month shepherd who is fairly calm well behaved and now learning all sorts of tricks. I cannot thank both Shelby and Lauren enough you have made the next 15 years with Lincoln much easier and enjoyable. Thank you.

- Lia S.

I echo all the other great reviews about Lauren and Shelby at the Wilmington Dog Wizard (WDW). I enrolled my pup in the puppy preschool program. Initially, I wanted him to walk better on the leash, be better socialized with other dogs, and not jump up on people. Pretty standard puppy stuff. Both my pup and I got way more than that.

I never dreamed I could have a dog so well trained. My pup can spin on command and play dead. Before WDW, I assumed only dogs on TV or professional dog performers at basketball halftime shows did that kind of thing. My pup walks right by my side when I go out on hikes. I thought that level of obedience only occurred in dogs featured in Land's End catalogs. But thanks to the training we both received, even a lowly graduate student with a rescue can look like professionals.

What he and I learned together has set up a solid foundation of trust and communication that will last us forever. We have had to work together to achieve common obedience goals. He knows what I want from him and I can more effectively communicate my expectations thanks to WDW. He and I have a much better relationship coming out of this program, and that on top of the direct training is one of those intangibles that can come as the result of working as a team. Take your dog here. Seriously.

- Lisa H.